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Don’t Imitate Your Competitor’s SEO Strategies

Monday, October 27th, 2008

Our clients commonly request that we examine their competitor’s well-ranking websites and duplicate those on-site optimization features in effort to achieve similar SEO results. В Clients seem to think that if their competitors are achieving results this way, then they will too.

We usually take a look at your competitor’s web sites to become better acclimated with the terminology of the particular industry for keyword research purposes.В  That said, we never imitate the on-site SEO characteristics of other web sites. В Here’s why:

Web Site Structure. Your competitor’s sites are structured, designed, and built differently than yours is. Imitating on-page features may not be possible given the structural differences.

Domain Name and Age. If your top ranking competitor’s domain name consists of a highly searched industry keyword, this provides them with a huge advantage from the get-go.В  Trying to optimize for that same keyword presents a major challenge. В In addition, if the age of your competitor’s domain name is older than yours, then your competitor’s site is likely a more relevant and trusted site because it has been in each search engine’s crawl longer than yours.

Inbound Links and PageRank. If your high-ranking competition has been around a while, they’ve probably built a considerable amount of links, achieving a Google PageRank of 1-10. В Imitating the optimized content of a site that has many inbound links and a quality PageRank will not achieve the same results for your site since you do not have the same PageRank or amount of quality links.

These are just a few reasons why imitating your competition’s optimized content such as meta tags or keyword frequency is generally not a wise strategy. В Also consider that your low-ranking competitors might be in the same position as you and have a similar mindset of imitating the on-page content of your top competitors. В With everyone pursuing the same keywords and optimization strategies, achieving a competitive advantage and quality rankings becomes less likely.

At Search Concepts, we’re more concerned with what your competition is not doing. В The search engines can be crowded so it’s important to find unique approaches that give your site the advantage it needs. В We’re committed to this strategy, especially in keyword research. В Instead of pursuing only the most popular search terms, we also dig for the niche keyword phrases that are searched, but don’t have millions of other sites competing for them. В You would be surprised at how many relevant and searched keywords are often overlooked by your competition and their short-sighted SEO strategy.

In conclusion, discover what your competition is not doing and find a unique angle that will differentiate your site from the rest of your competition. A unique approach will get you the results you’re looking for in the search engines. Find out how Search Concepts can achieve the results you’re looking for by requesting a free quote.

Search Engine and SEO News Updates

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Google and Yahoo! have been involved in settlement discussions with the Department of Justice in an attempt to avoid an antitrust challenge to their proposed deal.В  We know that regardless of how the proposed deal unfolds, it will have significant ramifications in the online advertising community.В  In addition to the possibility of an approved or rejected deal, we could instead see a third result – a modified deal that would cap the volume of Google ads that Yahoo! could use and require more disclosure.В  Additionally, in an effort to alleviate some of the DOJ’s concerns, Google is seeking testimonials in support of the deal from large advertisers.В  Meanwhile, Microsoft is still interested in a Web search advertising deal with Yahoo!.

Google has also been busy on a different front.В  Although Google has not disclosed much about its plans, the hiring of former chief executive of DoubleClick suggests that Google plans to expand further into the display advertising market.В  Search Concepts offers both display and text advertising though our pay per click advertising services.

We have previously blogged about how the proliferation of mobile Internet use will make SEO increasingly important.В  Next week, the first phone using Google’s Android software will be released.

Why the Current Economy Makes SEO Even More Important

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Everyone knows that economic woes are negatively affecting the retail and service industries.В  One natural reaction for business owners is to change how they spend money on marketing and advertising.В  Some simply cut spending on advertising while others are redirecting their advertising focus.В  Which tactic is more prudent?

Five months ago, while the economy was slowing but before it took a staggering hit, IDC predicted that “Internet advertising in the U.S. will continue to grow fast even as the current economic woes will lead to a contraction in ad spending overall.”В  They also expressly stated, “Search advertising will remain the one advertising format that will garner the most revenue over the forecast period in the United States.”В  Thus, while the economy slows, online marketing and advertising is one sector that is seemingly insulated from the crisis.

The reason is that internet advertising and marketing campaigns are efficient, results-driven, and reasonably priced. В For example, SEO with Search Concepts does not require a huge investment and will make a legitimate difference in your search engine marketing.В  The businesses we have worked with during this crisis are seeing continued results in terms of improving web site rankings in the search enginesВ and call to action results.

In light of the economy, will you change the focus of your advertising to the Internet?В  Perhaps the better question is whether you can afford not making a free inquiry into how SEO can help your business.