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How the Stimulus Plan Will Affect the Internet and SEO

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Regardless of how you feel about the proposed Economic Recovery Bill, it will have ramifications that affect the Internet, and in turn the search industry, positively.В  The bill includes an astounding $9 billion to expand broadband Internet service to rural and underserved areas.В  One of President Obama’s major campaign promises was to expand the information superhighway to every corner of the land.В  Whether or not those areas are ready for that broadband service is another story – but it’s coming.В  Additionally, the stimulus package may include tax breaks for wireless companies that commit to expanding broadband coverage.

The United Kingdom also has a similar plan.В  It is likely that the UK government will step in and spend about ВЈ10 billion to support the expansion and development of a superfast broadband network.

In the past we have blogged about the expansion of online advertising and the wireless ubiquity of SEO.В  These stimulus packages, though maybe not as efficiently as the government hopes, will still lead to an increase in Internet users and, consequently, an increase in potential consumers for your business.В  Your business can take advantage of search engine optimization and reach those new users, whether they are in rural or urban areas, in the U.S. or the U.K., or even on a mobile phone.