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The Last Days of Yahoo! Search Marketing

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

From Overture to Yahoo! Search Marketing and now MSN adCenter, Yahoo’s paid search results have been powered by many different interfaces over the years.  As of October 1st, MSN AdCenter will now power the paid search results of both Yahoo! and Bing.  Migration is already underway as Yahoo has been assisting in various campaign transfers.  AdCenter has an automated tool that will also take your existing Google or YSM campaigns and import them into their interface.  The Google AdWords option is suggested since there is better comptabilty between AdWords and AdCenter.

I sure do miss the classic Overture interface.  The bidding setup was a joy to advertisers, but along came Yahoo! Search Marketing, also known as the “Panama” interface.  I eventually came to appreciate this interface, despite its flaws.  If you’re a Safari user, you know what I’m talking about…

MSN AdCenter has always been my least favorite interface of the Big 3.  I hope they finally put some resources into it given the boost in users it’s about to receive.

Google Strikes Back… Instantly.

Friday, September 10th, 2010

Never to be outdone, Google announces Google Instant which shows search results as you type. Just as Bing was finishing up their merger with Yahoo, Google counters with something that could realistically sink Bing’s admirable attempts to overtake Google’s dominant run.

For web site owners, Google Instant doesn’t change how sites are ranked, but it does change how people search.  Having tested it, Google Instant definitely saves time from having to press return and re-enter keyword phrases.  The key is still the quality of the results, not the speed of a search, so Bing is going to have make sure their results are in fact, “smarter.”

Advantage, Google.

Bing-Yahoo Merger Complete

Friday, September 10th, 2010

By now, you’ve heard about the merger between Bing and Yahoo.  As of last week, Yahoo’s natural search results now reflect this much anticipated partnership. If your Yahoo natural rankings have changed, for better or worse, now you know why.  Your Bing rankings are

now your Yahoo! rankings so from an SEO standpoint, there are only two algorithms to worry about now.

It’s worth noting that Bing has made some admirable attempts the past year to compete with industry-giant, Google, and powering Yahoo is its most aggressive attempt yet.