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Promotional Campaigns Now Available for TV/Film Industry

Thursday, January 1st, 2015

At Search Concepts, we’ve specialized in search engine and social media marketing of web businesses for nearly a decade.  However, we’re proud to announce that we have recently expanded our services to include the TV/Film industry.

With the launch of our new entertainment division, our company now creates strategic, promotional campaigns for TV/Film properties which focus on content creation and distribution in order to to reach your target audience, build awareness and maintain interest in your TV/Film property.

Over the last 7-10 years, TV/Film properties have seen tremendous growth in their audience thanks to the efforts of passionate fan bases that have taken their water-cooler talk to the web. Instead of a water cooler, fans now communicate  via message board and blog discussions, weekly podcasts, social media, through the creation and distribution of fan art plus weekly episode recaps that include analysis and commentary.

If you have a TV/Film property that you’d like to promote online by combining fan fervor with agency strategy, Search Concepts now offers specialized promotional campaigns that utilize our in-house content creators in order to create and sustain a buzz about your TV/Film property well before and long after its promotional cycle.

Depending on the property and its goals, we’ll develop promotional content from a fan perspective (e.g. podcasts; fan art; film/episode recaps/analysis/commentary; social media content) and distribute it through a variety of social media channels as well as relevant entrainment  and user-generated forums that  reach your target audience, incite conversation and maintain the attention given to your property.

Contact Search Concepts for more information or call 1.888.939.1991 to learn more about how we can increase the buzz surrounding your TV/Film property by combining fan fervor with agency strategy.