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Atlantis Bahamas Vacation SEO
and Link Building Case Study


In June of 2008, http://www.atlantisbahamasvacation.com, an Atlantis Hotel and Resort booking agency, hired Search Concepts to improve their natural search result rankings in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Atlantis Bahamas Vacation (ABV) specified which keywords our search engine optimization and link building efforts should include. Combined with that input, we researched additional keyword phrases that would attract visitors interested in booking a vacation at Atlantis.

With keyword research completed, we began optimizing various pages within the ABV web site. With initial content optimization complete, we started the link building campaign that featured manual directory submissions.

As of September 2008, ABV has 101 1st page listings among Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Currently, Search Concepts maintains these rankings and improves additional keyword rankings by continuing our on-site and off-site optimization efforts.