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Attorney Disability Insurance Case Study


Recently established, Attorney Disability Insurance L.L.C. specializes in disability insurance services for attorneys and law firms. With a brand new web site launched at the end of 2009, ADI's site objective was to receive quote requests from their target market of law firms, attorneys and other legal professionals. ADI contracted Search Concepts to initiate both their search engine optimization and search engine advertising campaigns, and get their web business started.


The initial apporach was to begin search engine optimization of the web site and modify several site pages for proper keyword mentioning. Site copy was polished accordingly with the right keywords that are being searched daily in Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Link building then commenced utilizing linking opportunities through general and niche directories, blogs, news feeds, and article directories.

The first 3 months of services were geared towards SEO only. Once SEO was off the ground, we then developed search engine advertising campaigns in Google and Yahoo! to compliment the increasing amounts of organic traffic through SEO.


After 30 days of existence, ADI's new web site began seeing newfound rankings under the targeted keyword phrases within their industry. After 5 months of service, their site has 43 first page listings among Google, Yahoo! and Bing with additional listings ascending towards the first page. The link building efforts have greatly benefited their natural listing totals. Google's PageRank system even credited their site with a PageRank of 4 within 3 months. PageRank is a 0-10 scale that assigns a numerical value for how important a web page is based on its link popularity. For a brand new site with only a few months of link building completed, this was rather impressive. To this day, we continue to manage their PPC campaigns for a better ROI and build more natural search listings through ongoing content refinement and link building.

"We were confident that search engine advertising was going to deliver immediate results for us, but the biggest question was SEO and seeing visible results quickly. We began seeing progress after a month, even receiving leads through the organic search results. After 4 months now, we've achieved top page positioning for our industry's most competitive keywords. My expectations were completely exceeded at this stage in the campaign. We're more than optimistic about our long term impact in the search results thanks to Search Concepts. "

-- Phil J. Neujahr, President of Attorney Disability Insurance LLC