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Pay-Per-Click Advertising Case Study
for Grand Canyon Travel


In June of 2008, http://www.grandcanyontravel.com, a leading provider of Grand Canyon vacation tours, hired Search Concepts to build and manage their Google Adwords pay-per-click advertising campaign. Grand Canyon Travel felt that their previous pay-per-click management service limited their ad exposure and ultimately, their earning potential. Upon further review, we discovered that Grand Canyon Travel’s previous pay-per-click service was a “flat-fee pay-per-click management service.” These type of services are notorious for building campaigns that contain “long-tail” keywords and limited daily budgets. This setup limits the number of potential visitors (clicks) and allows the company to profit on the majority of the client’s monthly fee. GCT (Grand Canyon Travel) had no idea where their money was being spent and was never given access to the campaign or its visitor related data. Clearly, a change was needed.

After one round of discussions with us, GCT knew they had found the right service for their specific needs. Our monthly service fee is separate from the client’s actual click budget so GCT knew exactly how much they’d be spending towards qualified search engine traffic. We also agreed to setup 24 hour reporting access so GCT would have easy access to their campaign and visitor related data whenever they wished.

After the agreement was made, we built a new Google Adwords campaign consisting of many keyword themed ad groups that were related to each of GCT’s services. The ads we created were clear, concise and had a distinct call-to-action. With campaign settings such as national and international ad delivery in place, we launched the campaign with a significant daily budget. The campaign converted bookings right away according to the Google conversion data. Each keyword’s bid was managed to ensure first page positioning for the corresponding ad. Ad variations were also implemented to ensure the presence of a highly responsive ad.

GCT’s Adwords campaign achieved 80 bookings in the month of August. The cost per booking (sale) has dropped significantly since the beginning of the campaign and we strive to continue that trend in order to achieve the most return on GCT’s advertising investment.