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Malpractice Insurance Agency


Established in January of 2010, Malpractice Insurance Agency specializes in malpractice insurance services for physicians and other medical professionals. With a brand new web site launched at the end of 2009, MIA's site objective was to receive quote requests from their target market of Doctors, Surgeons and other medical professionals -- even med students. MIA contracted Search Concepts to develop and manage high performing PPC campaigns primarily through Google AdWords.


Having experience in the insurance industry, we started with extensive keyword research to discover the most searched keyword phrases for this particular niche of insurance. From "malpractice insurance" to "medical liability insurance," we found the absolute top keywords in the industry. We then examined the competition's efforts to discover any additional keyword phrases as well as the most commonly used ad styles. With research complete, we launched AdWords and YSM campaigns at a modest budget until initial data had collected.


After 9 months, MIA continues to advertise in the search engines through the high converting PPC campaigns we developed and continually manage for them. Malpractice Insurance Agency's significant ROI has allowed them to increase their ad budget 3 times as much as their starting budget. Currently, MIA receives anywhere from 6-10 quality leads per day through Google AdWords alone. Our meticulous management services have also contributed to better lead quality, something that is very important to the client given the industry's nature for unwanted traffic.

"By entering a broad field, we knew that it would be difficult to attract the right market for malpractice insurance. Search Concepts has not only increased our leads per day throughout the service term, but they also helped eliminate a great deal of the unwanted traffic that we were previously paying to obtain.

Within a month, our campaign's cost per click decreased through quality performance allowing our budget to produce even more traffic than the norm. Since then, our ROI has allowed us to invest even more into advertising and further our company's growth.

We look forward to staying with Search Concepts for many years as we now understand the value in having a dedicated PPC specialist."

-- Toby J. Lason, President of Malpractice Insurance Agency