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Melissa Data


Melissa Data is a pioneer in the data quality and address management solution industry. From software to developer APIs and enterprise platforms, Melissa Data's offering is extensive requiring their SEO campaign to be large-scale.


Our approach began with establishing campaign objectives including which products and services to focus our efforts towards. With products and services selected, we extracted keyword phrases from each existing page. Extensive keyword research was then performed to uncover what search engine users are searching when trying to find sites offering these products and services.

With keywords prepared, each product or service page was optimized from top to bottom so the search engines would clearly understand the targeted keywords in this case. Each page's copy was very important to Melissa Data as they wanted to maintain both readability and flow. Optimizing this copy for keywords had to be done carefully and creatively.

With pages optimized, an aggressive link building campaign was launched. Links were built from a variety of different sources including general and niche directories, article and news resources as well as blogs. Attaining quality links was important but attaining relevant links was equally important. Relevant links are usually valued more by the search engines, but they also can provide referring traffic.


Many of Melissa Data's original objectives have been attained, and continue to be maintained from persistent competition and search engine technology changes. With a top presence for many of the keywords originally pursued such as mailing list, we've been able to redefine their campaign and establish new objectives for more services and products offered.

"When selecting an SEO company, it was very important we have a company that provided us a localized and in-house feel. We wanted to know our SEO company on a personal yet professional level. Search Concepts met with our staff, and established a quick rapport and understanding of our goals. We're pleased with the flexibility we've been provided while achieving many of our campaign goals in the process. Obviously the results come first, but the relationship we've established with Search Concepts is a very close second."

-- Greg Brown, Marketing Director, Melissa Data Corp.