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Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Case Study for Name Tags Express


In February of 2008, http://www.nametagsexpress.com, a leader in custom name tag printing, contacted Search Concepts to redesign, optimize and manage their Google Adwords and Yahoo! Search Marketing pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Name Tags Express felt that their campaigns were not yielding enough conversions (sales and leads) given the size of their budget. Name Tags Express stated their intent to keep their monthly click budget the same as before, but to produce more sales, leads and a better return on their advertising investment (ROI).

After analyzing each accounts' historical data, Search Concepts developed brand new campaigns within each account combining the positive elements of the previous campaigns along with brand new keywords, ads and various other settings that contribute to a campaign's overall success. Once the new campaigns were launched, the bids were managed regularly to ensure first page presence at all times. After only a few days of activity, the results were apparent that these campaigns were already outperforming the previous ones.

Prior to Search Concepts, Name Tags Express' pay-per-click campaigns averaged 17 conversions (sales and leads) per month between their Google and Yahoo! pay-per-click campaigns. After Search Concepts redeveloped and continuously managed both their campaigns, the average number of conversions per month increased to 35. Name Tags Express' click budget remains the same, but their ROI has never been better.