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Orange Aluminium


Orange Aluminum is quickly becoming one of the web's leading suppliers of aluminum extrusion parts. With a search engine advertising campaign in place, Orange Aluminum wanted us to compliment this exposure with natural search listings through SEO, but also improve their PPC campaign's ROI.


First, we addressed their search engine advertising campaign in order to maximize the current monthly budget being spent. We analyzed the historical campaign data and saw some opportunities with the keyword selection, but also the ad copy. We began keyword research and found additional keywords phrases being searched. It was important these keywords capture the specificity of Orange Aluminum's parts including style and size. With keyword phrases expanded upon, we also developed unique ads to test the effectiveness of the current ad used.

After narrowing down which products to focus on, we began the SEO process, researched keyword phrases, and optimized several site pages accordingly. Since many site pages had limited content, we developed a considerable amount of copy to further benefit the SEO process. Link building was also initiated since the site had no existing links coming to it. We used a blend of general and niche directories as well as blogs and news feeds to provide Orange Aluminum with some much needed inbound links.


Through ad testing in their PPC campaign, we developed a more responsive ad as shown through an increased click through rate. Coupling each ad with the most relevant landing page also increased the conversion rate according to Orange Aluminum's in-house data and campaign data we provided. Their PPC budget also started producing more traffic than ever before as bids were managed carefully resulting in a more affordable cost per click.

Orange Aluminum's most popular product, panel clips, was priority number 1 for their SEO campaign. Currently, the keyword phrase "panel clips" maintains a first page positioning in Google along with other keyword variations.

To this day, we continue to build and maintain results in both campaigns.

"Having set up and managed our PPC campaign myself, I always felt our PPC campaign had more potential. Within a couple weeks of letting Search Concepts take over, I noticed a considerable difference in activity. Once the campaign data supported my observation, I knew we'd made the right decision. We've also been impressed with the quick turnaround in the natural search results. Our top keyword has maintained a steady first page presence thanks to the effort of Search Concepts."

-- Tiffany Munson, President of Orange Aluminum