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SEO and Link Building Case Study for Telemedia


In July of 2008, http://www.telemedianet.com, a direct response company specializing in the Hispanic market, approached Search Concepts to improve their natural search result rankings in the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Telemedia specified which keywords our search engine optimization and link building effort should focus on. Combined with that input, we researched additional keyword phrases that would attract visitors interested in their offering.

With keyword research completed, we began optimizing various pages within the Telemedia web site. With initial content optimization complete, we initiated the link building campaign that featured directory and article submissions.

Telemedia’s rankings improved within the first few major search engine re-indexings, and even attained several first page rankings in Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. Based on the monthly ranking report results, we continued to make content optimization adjustments to the sites’ pages for certain keywords needing more improvement.

As of August 2008, Telemedia has 10 1st page listings among Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Currently, Search Concepts sustains these rankings and improves additional keyword rankings by continuing our on-site and off-site optimization efforts.