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Search Engine Advertising

Search Concepts specializes in the development and daily management of search engine advertising campaigns utilizing leading interfaces such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Our certifications and years of experience with these interfaces ensure that you receive a significant ROI through the sponsored search results.

What is Search Engine Advertising?

Search engine advertising is an aggressive and immediate method of directing qualified search engine traffic to your website from the sponsored search. When a search engine user searches one of your web site's relevant keyword phrases, an ad for your website appears in the sponsored search results of the search engine result page. The ad displays your website's address (URL) along with a description of your website's offering.

If the searcher clicks your ad, you are charged a cost-per-click (CPC) for that visit, which could later turn into a sale, inquiry, call, or any other "call-to-action" your website contains. Your ad exposure is always carefully controlled by a pre-selected daily click budget that can be adjusted at any time.

Our Search Engine Advertising Process

Our pay-per-click setup and management services are professionally designed and implemented to ensure maximum returns from your advertising dollars. We continue to maintain and expand on those results throughout the duration of the campaign. The process begins by discussing your campaign objectives, budget, geographic market and many other factors. Combined with our recommendations, we begin building a pay-per-click advertising campaign designed specifically for your website's success.

We perform extensive keyword research to uncover as many relevant keywords as possible that are related to your website. With your input, we then develop unique ads and pair the best landing page possible with the ad. Proper ad development and landing page selection is crucial, as it affects your campaign's performance in many ways. Throughout the duration of the campaign, we consistently test ad and landing page effectiveness to ensure that the best performers are displayed at all times.

Upon campaign launch, your ads display throughout the major search engines when your selected keywords are searched. Our campaign managers monitor campaign performance daily and continually optimize the bidding, keyword selection, ad copy and landing pages that contribute to a campaign's success. Clients are updated regularly on the campaign's performance so they understand how their investment is progressing.

Why Choose Us?

Our search engine advertising services allow you to focus on other aspects of your business while our search engine advertising professionals do what they do best. We prove ourselves on a month-to-month basis and make the most return possible from your monthly investment. You are updated regularly on your campaign statistics with unlimited email and scheduled phone support from your dedicated campaign manager.

Our pricing is unlike most companies as it consists of a monthly management fee with NO setup fees. Your management fee is dependent on your campaign's click budget and starts at $300/mo. Your campaign click costs are charged directly by the referring search engine ensuring full cost transparency.

If you are ready to begin your first search engine advertising campaign or need us to manage your existing AdWords or Bing Ads campaigns, request a free quote now.

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